A Journey into my soul…

The Myth of Freedom

I’ve been hesitant about what to write about this go round. But the more I just relaxed my mind, the more I began to ponder on the myth of freedom. I watched a video earlier today where a guy that I highly respect talked about his journey for freedom. He started an online blog, went… Read More

Hello Darkness, my dear old friend…

Oh how I have missed your company. For it is in you that I can hear the inner voice that always speaks. From the unknown, all things are created, all things are healed, all things are restored. Did you know that violent movies hamper violence levels, and horror movies deter horror? I remember growing up… Read More

Mindset, Misunderstandings & Appreciation

Fault is past tense. Responsibility is present tense. Fault results from choices that have already been made. Responsibility is the choice that we get to make today. Most of the process of progression in society is rooted in mindset. Whether that be health, wealth, love, or happiness. I personally know someone that qualifies for PUA…. Read More

Moment by moment

Yesterday I felt like shit. The day prior, I knew my anxiety levels were rising. I told my fellow roommates while we were all chilling in the living room that prior night. I tried going to bed. Got about two hours of sleep… I woke up at about 6am on the dot, breathing heavy, running… Read More


I sit here, at nearly 2am, at peace. So let’s recap, I ended up driving to Virginia, fly to Florida, shut down happens, I fly back to Virginia (cuz I left my car and bunnies here), and shut down happens here. I meet up with one of the most amazing and stunning lady’s ever, next… Read More

Backs against the wall…

Possess nothing, cling to nothing. Love is space. Let this be a letter to myself. Everyday I whisper to myself, “Andre, I love you. No matter what happens, I love you!” It’s been my daily mantra for awhile. It keeps me centered, and calms that fire inside of me. There’s a saying, “A monster is… Read More

And in the middle of the chaos, there was you…

So many thoughts are fighting to get out, so many things I want to cover, so many feelings that are bursting through my skin clawing for the right to be expressed upon these pages. Yeah, there are definitely topics I know that I plan to cover, but many of them I also know must be… Read More

The future isn’t so dim…

I’ve been trying to find where to start with my first post. I’ve had so many things going through my mind over the course of the past few weeks, so many things tugging at my heart strings, that trying to find what I want to say first is a challenge in its own right. I… Read More

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