Mindset, Misunderstandings & Appreciation

Fault is past tense. Responsibility is present tense.

Fault results from choices that have already been made. Responsibility is the choice that we get to make today.

Most of the process of progression in society is rooted in mindset. Whether that be health, wealth, love, or happiness.

I personally know someone that qualifies for PUA. He would easily get back paid and make like $12k. But he has no concept of economics or systems, or how government policies work. I notice how harmful it is for people to spend all of their free time listening to bullshit conspiracies on YouTube to where they fear the big bad government, they fear the central banks, they fear big bad pharma, they fear everything. You can’t help those that don’t have the mindset to receive the help.

I had a conversation with someone else that was having wages garnished from their account due to some illegal activities committed by a student loan company. It’s common practice for loan agencies to not pull monthly loans, even when someone is set up on autopay, and then months later, take the person to court, without ever sending a letter that they’re even being taken to court, to raise interest rates and garnish wages. It’s corruption. It’s robbery. It’s illegal. But most loan agencies know that unless someone has a lot of money to fight them in court, there is nothing they can do.

So let’s say I know how to get the student loan removed from their account, whether through lawyers or credit agencies, they have to listen. Let’s say we get things set up to remove the loan from the account so that way they aren’t being robbed, so that way their credit score shoots back up, so they can get better jobs, better insurance, etc. There’s a cost benefit analysis here. Such person may complain about, “Why is this person charging so much for these services to fix my one issue? It’s robbery.” And I think to myself, demand. There’s a concept in economics of if the demand goes up, the price goes up. If this is the only person you know who can solve your issue, then obviously the cost will be more than $100. It’s the same for when people buy art from me. I am not cheap. If you don’t like my prices, go somewhere else.

It’s all mindset. And I believe this is where a lot of misunderstandings arise. For example, let’s talk about relationships. A lot of avoidance is rooted in insecurity. Many communication issues are rooted in lack of compromise. People love the idea of love and friendship, but when it comes to the practical application, they close up. They become afraid, and put up walls. It’s not that the complexities of building lasting relationships cannot be worked through, but it’s not easy. It requires each individual to personally look at themselves and take responsibility for their own feelings, their own actions, and deciding to come together to work through issues instead of shutting down. Hell, this is why divorce rates are so high. We don’t need more statistics in this regard.

I’ve been deactivated on Facebook for several weeks now. A buddy of mine and I got into it when I posted a status about personal experiences I’ve had with racism, and sure enough, he, a white guy that has never experienced the things I mentioned, a guy that spends all of his time only listening to right wing speakers, attacked my status, said it was unbalanced, and proceeded to call me racist. In fact, he even went out of his way to make a status saying something along the lines of how he wishes he could censor anything that doesn’t follow his narrow view of the world. He claims to be a truth seeker, but he wants an echo chamber.

Ironically, one of his favorite teachers is Jordan Peterson. Professor Peterson is a very right wing speaker. As many of you know, I like Jordan Peterson. I’ve listened to nearly every lecture he’s given, listened to his debates, read the books of the authors he quotes in his lectures. I know his work well. But I don’t always agree with him. In fact, considering the fact that I’ve read much of where he gets his information from, I know how he formulates many of his thoughts. And I see so many holes, so many misunderstandings, so much lack of empathy due to again, having never experienced certain things.

Jordan is heavily misunderstood himself. He’s misunderstood by the right wingers that quote him. He’s misunderstood by the left wingers that hate on him and debate him. But likewise, many of the authors he references are misunderstood too. For example, he’s a big proponent of the German philosopher Nietzsche. Nietzsche is easily one of the most misunderstood philosophers on the planet. As an existentialist and cultural critic, he’s often attributed himself as being a misogynist and hard right winger.

I want to bring things into context though. Friedrich Nietzsche is heavily adopted by the alt-right, including by my former friend who blocked me online, including by Professor Jordan Peterson. But he hated anti-semitism, much like Jordan. Nietzsche is often cherry picked as saying, “God is dead” and “There are no facts, only interpretations”. While in the same breathe elevating many of the religions including Christianity, and many myths, while also praising those that seek knowledge and truth as opposed to bullshit.

Growing up in Bismark’s reich, Nietzsche absolutely despised the big state, nationalism, and antisemitism. “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, that is the end of German philosophy,” he wrote, and “I will have all antisemites shot.” His sister Elizabeth on the other hand was a bit racist and held contrasting views. She married one of the most notorious antisemite agitators, ironically Nietzsche refused to attend their wedding. She and her racist husband traveled to Paraguay to found a Germany of pure-blooded Aryan colonists. Upon failure of the colony, she returned to Germany to take charge of her brother, gathering all of his papers and writings and founding the Nietzsche Archive. She is one of the originators of fake news, creating a fake death mask for her brother upon his burial, rummaging his estate and cutting and pasting at will upon his writings, later leading to an unreliable delayed publication of his biography, Ecce Homo.

I can go on for days. In his book, Beyond Good and Evil, he writes several chapters railing on women. “In revenge and in love, woman is more barbarous than man.” “The Germans are like women, you can scarcely even fathom their depths – they haven’t any.” “The woman and the genius do not work. Up to now, woman has been mankind’s supreme luxury. In all those moments when we do our best, we do not work. Work is merely a means to these moments.” “If you go see the woman, do not forget the whip.”

Reading these quotes, it is easy to come to the conclusion that he thought less of women. But that’s not actually the case. He spends more time praising women than criticizing and condemning them. And as a cultural critic, he was critical of everything, including the behavior and ignorance of many of the women during his lifetime in Germany. Also, actions speak louder than words. His entire morality sought to reevaluate all of our values with wonderfully crafted genealogies using his brilliant wit and great knowledge. He was a skeptic, a metaphysical antagonist, and oftentimes highly contentious. Ironic considering how in my last blog post, I’d mentioned how the most disagreeable people are often the ones that become the greats.

I’m not defending EVERY comment he’s made. I’m slightly torn. But I understand that Nietzsche was raised in a household of women, namely his racist sister, his mother, and his aunt. His father had died when he was still in his youth. It’s easy to see how he may not of fully gained an appreciation and respect for women considering how racist much of his family actually was. What you appreciate, appreciates. But his philosophy was a philosophy of attack. He attacked age-old religions, attacked morals, attacked aesthetics, attacked science, society, and even the status of women in the 19th Century. Much like Jordan Peterson is influenced by Nietzsche, Nietzsche was influenced by Schopenhauer and Goethe.

Schopenhauer was a rabid sexist. “One need only look at a woman’s shape to discover that she is not intended for either too much mental or too much physical work. She pays the debt of life not by what she does, but by what she suffers – by the pains of child-bearing, care for the child, and by subjection to man, to whom she should be a patient and cheerful companion.” -Arthur Schopenhauer, ‘On Women.’

Nietzsche was wildly in love with Russian author and intellectual philosopher, fellow existentialist, Lou Salome. Upon proposing to her, she rejected him. There are writings stating that upon being rejected, he went from cheerful disposition and happy spirits, to deep despair. This may have further influenced much of his rather hurtful comments made about women. Hurt people, hurt people. But again, I state, actions speak louder than words. This is why so many are misunderstood, why things are taken out of context. Where people don’t fully see the heart and intention.

It wasn’t long after being rejected by Salome that Nietzsche echoes Schopenhauer in his work, Beyond Good and Evil (1886), Chapter VII: Our Virtues’, Section 232: “Woman wants to be independent… this is one of the worst developments in the general uglification of Europe. Woman has so much reason for shame; in woman there is concealed so much superficiality, petty presumption and petty modesty – one needs only to study her behavior with children!” Coming to the end of his rant about women, he reflects that women don’t appreciate what they have now, claiming, “the weak sex has in no age been treated by men with such respect as it is in ours.”

He is kind of funny, because you see how he responds to hurt. So let’s look at his actions. In 1847, when he was a professor of philology at Basel University, the school took a vote to admission women there. Nietzsche was one of only four who voted in favor, despite the motion being lost. In 1876, he traveled to Italy to join Malwida von Meysenbug, a feminist who campaigned fervently for the emancipation of women. Meysenbug had been exiled from Germany for smuggling letters during the revolution of 1848. Nietzsche and Meysenbug intended to found a school of free spirits among the caves beneath Sorrento. These free spirits were to include women, and NOTHING would be off limits in their studies of culture, philosophy, aesthetics, religious skepticism, and sexual freedom. While the school never materialized, due to their friendship, Nietzsche had a wide feminist circle. Moral of the story, while quoted for so much far right ideology, he fought for the rights of the persecuted. He was heavily misunderstood, a hopeless romantic.

Mindset is the reason people misunderstand his works. Mindset is the reason people misunderstand my works, mindset affects everything. Mindset is the reason people pass up on opportunities that are life changing, because they’re overly skeptical and stuck in poor habits.

To be honest, I believe many people don’t believe they’re worthy of others, they don’t believe they’re worthy of better health, they don’t believe they’re worthy of better finances, they don’t believe they’re worthy of themselves. Some are on a journey not even knowing what they want. They may think they do, but their actions show otherwise. It’s the reason my former friend blocked me, it’s the reason this person I know won’t file for PUA, it’s the reason words get lost in a bleak world. You’ll be amazed at what you attract into your life when you start believing in what you deserve. It’s all about appreciation.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.” -Osho

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